Sunday, February 8, 2015

Typography Lab

For this weeks lab, I made a map of Marathon Island in the Florida Keys. The focus of this exercise was typography, or the layout and design of text. In this case, the text is in the form of labels.

I used CorelDraw exclusively for this map. The symbols and north arrow were from the ESRI symbol fonts, and the inset map was pulled off the internet. I tried to obey the point feature guidelines for my label placements as much as possible. I attempted to make curved text for my water features, but I could not get them to come out right.

CorelDraw continues to be a tortuous experience. It is constantly crashing and freezing, and I also have an issue with the ergonomics of the program. There were lots of things that I wanted to do with this lab, but I had trouble figuring out how.

I did learn that there is a plethora of map symbols to be used with the Font tool. A nice bonus of this exercise was that I learned some geography of the Florida Keys.

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